About Toddles Crafts

:0(   Why can you not buy warm trousers for girls for the winter?
:0(   Why can you not buy cool cotton trousers for the summer?
:0(   Why do lots of trousers not fit over our washable nappies?
:0(   Why cant I buy an easy care, soft and warm footmuff at an affordable price?
:0(   How comes quilts look cute but only blankets are recommended for babies?
:0(   Why don't children's clothes include organic, fairtrade and recycled fabrics more often?

So many questions and so few answers on the high street or online.
As a mother to my first baby I could see a gap in the market for good quality kids clothes and accessories. So, Toddles crafts was born, created by me in 2009.

Now 6 years and 3 children on, I am still enjoying developing new products which are always comfy, high quality, and designed with children in mind.

Toddles crafts aims to produce handmade clothing and accessories for babies and pre-school kids at affordable prices.
As each item is handmade it really is unique (though might be similar to a few others). All items are made by me in Scotland.